Slide Merging the worlds of psychology and ballroom dancing. Slide Explore the emotional and physical intelligence inherent in partnered dance and how it affects dance relationships. More Slide For those interested in improving their primary relationships 
through the medium of ballroom dance. More
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What do the worlds of psychology and ballroom have in common, you may ask?
They both help to improve and deepen our relationship with self and others, psychology perhaps more consciously, but in the world of ballroom there is a growing awareness of consciousness applied in dancing. Perhaps we can refer to this as Dance-Intelligence.

We believe that the emotional, mental and physical stability of each partner contributes to the overall success of the couple.

Keeping dancers connected in their relationships and motivated in their work is enormously beneficial to their mental health and dance performance.


Jodie Mackay

Clinical Psychologist

I am extremely interested in the therapeutic relationship between dancing and the self, the relationship to the other through partnered dance, and the concept of body intelligence. More

John Hamman

Ballroom Dance Coach

I believe that regular training as well as a high level of technical skill is highly complemented by enhancing self-awareness and working through psychological aspects of oneself. More

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