The impact of Covid-19 on ballroom and reflecting on its future.

It is interesting that most people have not been missing the material aspects of life before Covid-19 as much as the opportunities to engage and connect with others. 

Many ballroom dancers agree with this, for example when asked by what they miss the most, responses included the following: “the feeling when you enter the dance studio, the rides to and back from a show, sharing emotions, and the social aspects of dance.” Life during the pandemic has shown us the value of healthy human interaction. It has become simpler and slower, and many of us have the opportunity to listen more closely to our thoughts and to what our bodies and hearts are saying. 

The current pandemic’s impact is being felt on all levels; political, social, economic and psychological. UN secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, stated that this is the most challenging crisis we have faced since World War 2. While we do not know what the long term consequences will be within the world of ballroom dance, we have a sense that life won’t be exactly the same as before, and that we will have to collectively figure out what the “new normal” looks like in our respective disciplines. At Dance-Intelligence we are reflecting on what ballroom dancing may be like in the aftermath of the pandemic. During times of change there is often a splitting of values and ideals within a community; those who hold onto the status quo, and those who are curious and open to change. An integration of traditional and contemporary norms usually provide a balanced outcome, but this integration is not immediate, it is part of a transition and renewal process.  

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