From Justin and Robynne

“Post an emotional and challenging chapter in our lives, and with only two months to go before our wedding day, my fiancé suggested that we do some sort of therapy or pre-marital counselling. Based on a personal recommendation, he thought that we should consider trying something unusual in the form of dance therapy. While I was comfortable with the idea of conventional pre-marital counselling, something that was a familiar concept as many other couples we knew had done it, I was initially very resistant. We were both useless dancers and I couldn’t see the relevance. What I was seeking was somebody we could just speak to about the issues we were experiencing, and get advice that would allow us to move forward.

After much convincing however, I agreed to give it go. Once a week, for eight weeks, we saw Jodie and John. During the first part of the sessions (+- 90min), we did narrative work. Here we were able to have the facilitated conversations that we sought, enabling us to surface and approach various challenges we faced, and discuss them in a guided manner. The beauty of the dance therapy however, is that for the second part of the sessions (+-30min), we danced! We were forced to learn something new together that was equally unfamiliar, working as a team, discovering new parts of ourselves and the other person, and ultimately reconnecting post the narrative part of the session. Not once did we leave a session feeling emotional or needing space, as the dance allowed for healing to take place, trust to be built and for us to work together as a couple. 

We both wish we had done this therapy earlier on in our relationship – it has helped us understand each other better and has made us stronger than ever. The bonus was that we were able to surprise our wedding guests and foxtrot for our first dance! Married or not, I highly recommend dance therapy with Jodie and John.

– Justin & Robynne –

From Ricardo

“As someone with a long held conviction of my body being quite cumbersome, I was rather surprised when Jodie first raised the suggestion of dance therapy to me. I recall my anxiety about the whole business and the very real fear that I was cursed to fail. What half a year of dance therapy has reinforced, is that nothing (including oneself) should be based off appearances. As a therapy, it brings a sense of wonderous insight quite unlike anything before. The nature of this therapy, the union of body and psyche, has helped me break out from a self imposed restraint. In essence, the sublime idea from this therapy is that one’s self, a dance, and people, can surprise in the least expected way. No matter how difficult something seems (or is) there is a lesson and joy to be had; all that is needed is the initial step.”

– Ricardo –

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